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High-quality inclusive healthcare services putting people first

Trust the professionals of MGM Health Care to provide you with compassionate, attentive, high-quality healthcare you need.
We are a NDIS Service Provider in Darwin dedicated to offering a comprehensive range of health care services throughout Australia.

We know that living in a safe and secure environment is important for people who are looking to achieve independence. That’s why we work with you every step of the way as your journey progresses, from finding an apartment or home all throughout tenancy agreements so everything runs smoothly without worry!

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MGM Healthcare understands that every person’s transition is unique and presents their own set of challenges. That’s why we are here to help you through your life stages with personalized care, from starting or changing schools all the way up until moving homes!

If it sounds like there might be an issue during one these transitions please don’t hesitate in contacting us so our team can coordinate any needed supports along the way

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assist personal activities

MGM Healthcare is committed to providing the best possible care for you and your family. As a registered NDIS service provider, we will be there in daily living situations so that life can become easier at home while also assisting with personal tasks around house like cooking meals or taking medications on time each day.

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assist travel and transport

We’re here to help you move around safely and conveniently! With our transport services, we can take people on single trips or make regular arrangements for appointments. We aim in making mobility easier during your journey.

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shared living

Living independently is a great accomplishment that deserves recognition and celebration. MGM Healthcare supports the accomplishments of those who have achieved this goal through our NDIS participants with home management services, such as helping you grocery shop or even just making dinner.

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innov community participation

MGM Healthcare plan, organise and facilitate programs that focus on resilience, wellbeing & personal growth for participants. Our Innov Community is tailored with a client centered approach so we can help you feel more connected in the local community by paying attention to your individual support level.

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life skills

Understand what’s important in your life and develop the right skills to achieve it. We at MGM Healthcare, listen carefully as we work together with you on developing plans tailored for each unique goal of yours so that they can help empower every step along this path towards self-fulfillment.

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MGM Healthcare encourages all NDIS Participants to enjoy their home life by allowing them the freedom and independence that comes with having a clean environment. We will help you maintain an everyday routine so your house remains organized, comfortable, and safe for everyone who lives there.

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MGM Healthcare supports your recreational activities and wants to help you have fun during the process. When it comes to health, getting out in community is just as important for mental well-being!

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What our clients say

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