Our people

Team Members

Manisha Gurung

Founder and Director

“I love working in health industry and this organization is the culmination of my dream that I saw as a fourteen-year-old year 10 student. I love reading since a little child, a habit that both my parents carry from their own parents. I am hungry for knowledge. At school, we were asked as a year- 10 students by our class teacher Mr Yadav, what we want to be as an adult. My answer to his question was I want to become a medical doctor. When our teacher finished hearing each of 50 plus students in the class. He expressed his disappointment that none of us said we want to become a good human being. That dialogue of Mr Yadav is still very loud and clear in my head. I naively thought everyone is a good human being and it came with the territory of being human that we correlate with each other. When practicing medicine in Nepal and working in community services in Australia. I saw the real need of an organization that is run by a team of professionals who are kind, happy, approachable, skilled, resourceful, genuinely care about people they support and who are team workers. And team members who like to grow together.”

Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery
Diploma of Community Services
Certificate IV in Training and Assessment

Fateh Singh Rathore


“I came to this industry as there were many job opportunities and I am staying in the field as I like working with people living with disability as I get immense satisfaction through my role in improving their quality of life.”

Certificate III in Individual Support
Bachelor in Multi- Media

Renton Crook-King


“I’ve been working in the Accounting and Business Services Industry since 2007. In which I worked for a Chartered Accounting Firm in Darwin from 2008 to 2009, before moving back to another Chartered Accounting Firm in Toowoomba QLD.

I became a Qualified Chartered Accountant in 2012 and established RCK Accountants in 2013. RCK Accountants now employs 2 other Chartered Accountants and a Junior Accountant and that operates 100% online and services business clients from Tasmania to Darwin.”

Sue Gibbs


“My business was established in 2004 after I gained my qualification in bookkeeping. I’m passionate about my work, I really enjoy doing it and love using my knowledge and skills to help my clients in their businesses.

My bookkeeping experience spans 18 years, working with a wide range of businesses and specialising in small to medium sized enterprises. No job is too small or difficult.”

Ramesh Subedi

Disability Support Worker

“I love working with participants with disability since my work gives an opportunity to help who are vulnerable. And it values of work role coincides with my personal values.”

Certificate III in Individual Support
Master of Education (Mathematics)

Serene Ale

Disability Support Worker

“I am currently studying Bachelor of Nursing. I like working with people living with disability as with my knowledge and skillset I support them in reaching their health goals with improvisation in their overall lifestyle”

Rachana Thapa

Disability Support Worker

“I come from a nursing background. And I am currently studying Bachelor in Humanitarian Aid and Development. I love my job since I like supporting our participants in their everyday life.”

Certificate IV in Disability
Bachelor in Humanitarian Aid and Development

Duc Viet Cao

Disability Support Worker

“I like working with individuals with disability since I like helping people. And while working with them I get to see different perspectives and hone my skills to support them. I get immense job satisfaction by supporting them.”

Diploma of Community Services
Currently Studying Bachelor of Social Works